What Are the Major Causes of Crime and How Can Crime Be Prevented

The number of crime being committed in the United States of America is increasing day after day. There are many reasons as to why people commit crimes and it has been identified that there are no quick solutions to fix this problem in the country today. When people become victims of crime they usually consult the law enforcement agents. For example, people becoming victim of crime in the Chattanooga city may seek professional help from the Chattanooga attorneys. A Chattanooga attorney will be able to aid the person when it comes to dealing with court proceedings and other legal matters. Crime has a major impact on the society and there are many reasons as to why individuals indulge in criminal activities.

It has been revealed that kids who are being neglected by their parents choose the path of crime later in their lives. Peer pressure is also a major contributor to crime today. Students who are weak in education and are unable to perform up to the required standards often become criminals in future. Most of these unfortunate kids come from poor backgrounds where the parents are unable to afford for the clothes, books and other necessary things. These kids form groups and criminal gangs and resort to extortion, theft and fraud as a means of achieving material items which they had been deprived of.

Substance abuse such as drug and alcohol abuse has a strong influence on an individual’s ability to decide things. When people become addictive, they often commit crime to support their drug habits. Moreover, an addicted person can become a vulnerable target for another criminal due to his inattentiveness. The crime life has been made easier in the US through the easy access of handguns. In most reported cases of crime, the weapon which was used was a handgun which was either stolen or purchased from black markets.

Researches have also shown that most of the criminals are not well educated enough. This means that unemployment and poverty had caused them to become criminals so that they had means of supporting themselves and their families. Even if they had been employed at some point, the wages obtained from the workplace wouldn’t be enough to support a family. With that income it would be impossible to even cater for their basic needs and crime was the only profitable business that could help them in catering for their needs as well as their wants.

There are many ways in which crime can be prevented. Punishments and imprisonments are already in place to decrease crime levels. Another way is to reduce the opportunities of crime for the criminals. This can be achieved by better lighting, improved security systems, locking bars and guard dogs. Moreover, if people are given proper education then there will be an automatic reduction in crime rate as they will be able to get a job which will be able to provide for their basic needs and wants. There are also treatment programs available which influences people to make positive choices and refrain from criminal activities.

The Reality of Modern Crime

What happened to the days when we could walk the streets at night and leave keys in the front door without fear? We had people coming to Australia from all other nations but they were decent family type folk who had standards. They mostly kept to themselves and when we got to know them they became good friends. But things have changed. Now it is unsafe to walk alone or to let others know you have money on you, but you can still be attacked.

Recently there have been a couple of cases where women have had their throats cut while walking alone. Others have been brutally based in their homes and no one is safe without proper security these days.

Crime has taken a huge leap up when things like bombs can get through customs, as happened recently in Sydney. A bomb was posted in Dubai and then left in a suitcase for several days in the passenger area of the airport. A gang was later arrested as they were planning on bringing down an International Flight full of passengers.

Massive drug hauls are also being discovered but what the public doesn’t know is how many parcels of drugs, bombs, weapons, and other things are missed by customs? How many hits are making it onto the streets to destroy the lives of our children? How many corrupt officials are there in customs and the police force, or governments?

The new reality is that crime is everywhere. The way criminals operate today is to get people into positions of authority who can help to bypass the machines. In a recent drug bust in Sydney several customs officials were arrested who helped the assignment escape detection.

Many of these criminals are caught with millions of dollars on hand. What authorities don’t always know is how much they own by way of houses and other things, that may be in the names of partners or others? My guess is that the number is much higher than predicted and the assets of these law-breakers may extend to overseas interests and off-shore bank accounts as secret stashes that the law can’t touch.

An Overview of Misdemeanor Crimes and Probation

Crimes are not all alike. Although all immoral, crimes range in severity from minor infractions to major ones. This is why the law breaks down crimes into two categories: felonies and misdemeanors. Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor crime is called a misdemeanant, whereas anyone convicted of a felony is called a felon. Felonies are the worse of the two, including major crimes like murder, forgery, tax evasion, robbery, auto theft, and repeat offenses. Misdemeanors on the other hand are less severe than felonies, but still carry a cumbersome load of consequences and legal penalties.

This is why it is vital to retain the service of an experienced criminal lawyer for the best chance at reducing or dismissing misdemeanor charges in the case that you are ever charged with a crime. Often times, and especially for first-time offenders, lawyers can get lesser felony crimes reduced to misdemeanors. One of the most common penalties for misdemeanor crimes is probation. Continue reading to learn the basics surrounding misdemeanor crimes and probation, and who to turn to if facing such charges.


Misdemeanor offenses are crimes that are punishable by up to one year in jail. There are three “classes” of misdemeanor crimes. Depending on the state you live, these can include a series of letters or numbers. In states that classify misdemeanors with letters, they generally range from “A” to “C”, with Class C misdemeanors being the least serious and Class A being the most serious. In states that use numbers to classify their misdemeanors, they generally range from Class 1 to 4, with four being the least serious.

Even though misdemeanors are less serious, but still come with notable penalties. A misdemeanant can expect to pay fines, complete a certain amount of community service hours, serve probation, and possibly pay restitution. The combination or extent of penalties largely depends on the defendant’s criminal history, the particular crimes they are convicted of, and the strength of their legal defense.

Probation is generally between 3 months and one year for misdemeanants. Terms of probation can include, but is not limited to, regular drug screening, monthly meetings with a probation officer, mandatory employment, refraining from committing any more crimes, and more. Breaking the terms of probation results in a probation violation, which in turn, carries a whole other set of penalties, including extension of probation and even possible jail time. It is critical to the sake of your freedom and your rights to obtain the services of a licensed criminal lawyer if ever charged with a crime of any level.

How A Good Drug Crime Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

You might not know what to do when you first find yourself in a situation where you are being charged for a crime involving drugs. You will find that there are many things you will need to do but finding a top Las Vegas drug crime attorney should be first on your list. You need to find someone that is going to be able to listen to your story to find any injustices that might have occurred as well as someone who is going to work hard to defend your rights.

There are many tips to finding a great drug crime attorney in Las Vegas. One of the things that you will need to do is some research to make sure that you are considering someone who can help you. There are no advantages for you when you are charged with a drug crime.

Once you are charged with a crime it is not easy to try and show someone that you did not commit such a crime. You will want an attorney who is going to work for you even when you need to hear that you are not going to do that well. The attorney should actually be able to show you what you can expect in the worse cases when it comes to being cross examined.

It is going to be hard but you need to convince everyone when you are on trial that a crime did not occur. Charges might not stand if there was a violation of your civil rights so consider this option as well. There are a lot of things that your attorney will be able to tell you about your case after he has reviewed all of the information.

There are many different things that could occur so your attorney needs to be ready for all of them. You are going to have to consider the different things about your attorney like his qualifications and what types of cases he had tried and won in the past. This will help you to make sure that you hired the right attorney for your needs because if you hire someone without any experience in this area you are probably not going to be as successful.

It is also important when you choose an attorney that you find someone who is able to successfully win over a jury and judge. He needs to be able to make everyone relate to him without anyone feeling put out. Something else to look for would be that people believe him and that they like him for a number of reasons.

Another thing to make sure of with finding someone to represent you for a drug crime is that they know the drug laws well. You can ask a variety of questions and you should get answers without the lawyer needing to look things up or consult someone else. Also you want someone who has worked on and won cases like your own.

As you look for a Las Vegas drug crime attorney you need to realize that it is something that is hard. There are many things that you will need to be able to do in order to win your case and fight for your rights. If there is no chance of winning then you need to be made aware that a plea bargain with light sentencing will be a better bet for you.

Tennessee Prescription Drug Crimes

Prescription drugs are so prevalent in our society, and can become so addictive, that some people will abuse them and then do anything to keep getting their “fix.” This may include stealing, forging prescriptions, or buying drugs off the street. Under Tennessee law, prescription drugs, like other controlled substances such as cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, are put into a specific category called a schedule. Within each schedule are specific penalties for possession, distribution, manufacture, and other crimes. These laws are found in the Tennessee Code Annotated Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 4. Part 4 of the TCA contains all of Tennessee’s drug crimes.

What schedule a drug falls into will depend on that drug’s potential for abuse and its currently accepted medical use in the U.S., and that particular drug’s schedule will determine the potential punishment. A Tennessee prescription drug attorney can explain what the potential punishment will be based on the drug involved.

Here are some examples of prescription drug penalties: many opiate-based drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, and codeine are classified as Schedule II substances, which means they have been found to have a high potential for abuse and that their abuse may lead to severe psychic and physical dependence. Some of the brand names for these drugs include Percocet, Oxycontin, and Xolox. Felony possession of these substances is punishable from 3-15 years in prison. Other common prescription drugs include Xanax and Valium. These are classified as Schedule IV substances, and felony possession may result in up to 2-12 years in prison.

Felony possession means that the individual is possessing a large quantity of drugs with the intent to manufacture, deliver, or sell. However, some cases warrant a charge of misdemeanor possession, which means that the possession was only for that individual’s personal use. Whether the charge is felony or misdemeanor possession will depend on the facts of the case. Whatever your case, you should consult a Tennessee drug crimes lawyer immediately if you have been charged with an offense.

Most individuals who have been arrested as a result of illegal prescription activity are not hardened criminals who need to be locked away. Many have no prior criminal record and need treatment and rehabilitation rather than punishment. A Tennessee prescription drug crimes lawyer can help with this. Programs such as drug court can get substance abusers the help they need while keeping them out of jail, and first-time offenders may be eligible for judicial diversion. Diversion allows individuals with no prior disqualifying convictions to complete a term of supervised probation. At the end of probation the charge is dismissed and he or she may have the entire record of the case expunged.

Professionals such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists will also need a Tennessee prescription crimes attorney if they are charged with a drug-related crime. These charges are even more serious if the allegations include large scale trafficking and writing fraudulent prescriptions. Not only could the individual lose his or her professional license, they may face significant jail time if the charge includes a conspiracy or possession with intent to manufacture, deliver or sell controlled substances.