The Law Of Non-Interference

The universal Law of Non-Interference can perhaps best explain the meaning of justice. Without it, we will forever wonder why some things are considered right or why some things are considered wrong. This universal law applies to every area of life, including human relations and the field of justice in particular. As beings of Spirit in human form, this law binds us all. It is to our advantage, though. The universal Law of Non-Interference is our only password to eternal freedom, for without it we would forever be entangled in the web of karma.

What’s more, interference is actually a complete impossibility in the universe. Unless we invite interference (and then we cannot call it interference any more), we are only left with what we create for ourselves or co-create along with others. In fact, since nothing and nobody can exist in true isolation, co-creation is all there is. Furthermore, every person involved in co-creation has given their consent to what is happening to them and to everyone else.

The perception of injustice, in whatever area or form, is based on the concept of interference. It implies that there are people out there, situations, laws, organizations, societies, or even entire nations that have the power to prevent me from fulfilling my needs and desires or affect me in a negative way. We have been taught from an early age that there always has been, and continues to be, great injustice in this world. By opening any history book, we face event after event that tells of relentless bloodshed and tremendous suffering in almost every society that has lived on this planet. Millions of apparently innocent people have lost their lives because of wars fought out of greed for more land and worldly influence, or through acts of crime and terrorism.

We have come to believe that many people out there have only one thing in their mind, that is, to steal from others to enrich themselves. Furthermore, a large number of them do not even hesitate to take the life of another in order to have access to more possessions or greater degrees of power. Some merely want to take revenge for the injustice they believe has been committed against them or their loved ones.

The more recent 9-11-2001 landmark assault on thousands of civilians by terrorists using commercial jet planes as weapons of mass destruction seemed to have been one of the most senseless acts of hatred seen in history, completely beyond human comprehension. There are scandals popping up in every sector of society revealing how a few people with ill intentions can manipulate and cheat the rest of us. Drug cartels have infiltrated both the poor and rich sections of society, even using children as cheap distributors of life-altering drugs. Millions of innocent children are victims of slave labor or used as prostitutes. The stories of injustice in this world seem endless. From the simple act of stealing chewing gum in a grocery store to the large-scale exploitation of the world’s poorest countries, injustice appears to have infiltrated everywhere.

Born in Germany nine years after World War II, I became a witness to the painful aftermath of the war and the forceful division of my family and my country into two parts, and so I learned to believe in injustice as everyone else did. In addition, I felt so ashamed about what the Nazi-Germans had done to the rest of the world that I couldn’t wait to leave Germany after high school. For years, I tried to hide my German identity and rid myself of anything that had to do with my country.

If anyone had told me then that there was no injustice in this world, I would have said they were out of their mind; they would have to be someone who lived in a fantasy world of peace and harmony. Today, I cannot but think differently. I am aware that this is one of the most challenging concepts to understand and to accept, but it is also one of the most liberating ones, and it may perhaps be the only one that makes any real sense.

Injustice is an illusion that is currently in the process of demystification. Already, the old systems of maintaining justice are crumbling. Law and order is still maintained, but laws cannot guarantee justice. Many nations have had a high level of law and order, but at the same time, there was great injustice to their people; for example, in East Germany, in the Soviet Union, in Tibet and in China. We are about to witness the birth of a new justice system that is not based on human laws but on Divine Law.

Manmade laws are needed greatly at a time when polarity thinking dominates the collective consciousness of the population. As long as we inject the idea that there is a ‘right’ versus a ‘wrong’ into the atmosphere of collective thinking through our own thoughts and actions, we essentially create ‘injustice’ in this world. If this most basic form of judgment – seeing one thing as right and another as wrong – ceased to dominate our awareness, there would be much less injustice around us. This is actually happening already. Manmade law is being replaced gradually with natural law, and a daily-increasing number of people look toward nature, the natural environment, and the spirit within to know how to live their lives.

Much of the current strife and struggle is a result of this transformation.The search for natural alternative energy sources, the cleaning up of our rivers, lakes and air, the attempts to save and preserve species that are dying out, the emergence of alternative forms of medicine, etc. are all definitive indications that natural law is already awakening in the mass population. This, however, creates conflict, the struggle of having to let go of the old before we can accept the new.

A person experiences injustice in life because of a need to bring to the surface of awareness any form of injustice harbored in his or her own heart. Whether this injustice is rooted in the present life or previous lifetimes is irrelevant. Because they have not come to terms with an internal discrepancy, these people literally, though unconsciously, seek a situation that permits them to get in touch with their unforgiving feelings and judgments. Humans do not err, lie, cheat, steal, etc.; they only pretend to. They unknowingly play these roles for the sake of learning from each other about themselves.

Since the Law of Non-Interference cannot be broken, no matter what the circumstances, there can never be a true victim. And if there is no victim, there can be no victimizer. A presumed victim and their corresponding victimizer co-create a situation together which outwardly looks like a conflict but in truth is a spiritual dance. It is a process of gradual awakening that involves the clearing of dualistic perception and opening to the Love Source that they are. This mighty task has taken many of us innumerable lifetimes to tackle. Now, when the perception of duality is losing its frequency basis, we are collectively moving through the illusion of injustice. The purpose of creating the illusion of injustice for everyone on this planet has been a grand one. It has given us the opportunity to learn all about our three-dimensional world, and work through all the nooks and crannies that make it up, until we find our essential self (The One Eternal Spirit) reflected in it. The recognition of Spirit in matter is our process of ascension. This will bring both fulfillment to the natural justice system of the world (replacing the illusions of injustice) and also restore peace and harmony on Earth.

Mass consciousness is currently undergoing a tremendous transformation that requires the experience of injustice. Anyone who still has roots and beliefs of separation feels agonizing pain and suffering when exposed to personal and collective calamities. When terrorists attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C., the senseless loss of human life was incomprehensible to almost the entire world population. It shook the very foundation of safety and security, and the belief in goodness as such.

On the other hand, it demonstrated to all of us that human life on Earth is the most precious commodity there is and that we can only survive and live through catastrophes like this when we pull together and become one united force. We realized that the petty things and differences that have so occupied our lives in the areas of politics, economics and human relationships are not that important anymore. The grave ‘injustice’ of the Attack on America carried a blessing of unconditional love, brotherhood and sisterhood into the masses that would otherwise never have been experienced by humanity. Many brave and honorable souls volunteered (on the level of their Higher Self) to initiate this urgently needed transition in the world by giving up their physical lives in the inferno of the 9-11 events – perhaps the world’s most important distress call ever made.

The distress call was and continues to be a wake-up call for us all. It urges us to find answers to the following questions: Do we continue supporting and encouraging injustice by condemning it or do we begin to forgive and respect those that incur it? Are those who commit such crimes not also people who are driven by incredible amounts of fear, anger, disappointment, abuse or other grievances that none of us has really given any attention to? Do we truly believe that the attacks were indiscriminately placed and that we have nothing to do with them except being innocent victims? Weren’t these young men, who blew themselves up to destroy others, once also beautiful, innocent children who wanted to be loved and held but were not? Who made them this bitter and why? Haven’t we all directly and indirectly contributed to the economic imbalances that have led to the extreme poverty and anguish experienced in the world today? How much do we really care about those living in horrid conditions of poverty and exploitation?

When I lived in India and other poor nations, I saw hundreds of thousands of people who literally owned nothing but their bare skin and only survived (or died) by eating scraps decomposing in massive heaps of garbage that contained, among other things, leftover foods. Children, dogs, cows, and millions of flies partook of the same ‘free meals’. The situation is even worse in Afghanistan. Have we not been breeding the very terrorists (through our insatiable desire for wealth and power) that now enter our space like angry sharks coming to our beaches in order to kill? Is retaliation the only answer to this problem?

When Mahatma Gandhi stated: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”, he knew that seeing and retaliating against the injustice done by others in truth fosters it even more and initiates new cycles of karma, pain and suffering. We have become so blind we really believe that when adversity comes to us someone or something else is responsible for it, not us. We will only be free of anger, terror and fear when our so-called enemies are free of anger, fear and terror. And this can only happen when we see others and other countries in the Oneness that underlies them all.

As long as we see injustice in the world, we create injustice in the world. And we create more and more of it until we discover the deceptive nature of this perception and move beyond the need for judgment. Justice and injustice are opposites that appear to be so real in life that we have a hard time not taking sides. Yet behind their appearance, they form a common bond. Both serve our Higher Spirit Self to become the only reference for how to live our life.

Drug Crimes and Drug Crime Charges in America

Drug crime charges in New York City are among the most common charges facing individuals in the system. This is true all over the country. After drunk driving charges, drug chages and petty theft are flooding courts. This is possibly due to the poor economy. It seems the crimes of weakness and vice usually go hand in hand with bad economies. Drug crimes are classified as anything from possession of marijuana to trafficking of heroin and other illicit substances. Obviously if you’re picked up on pot charges your chance of having a non-custodial disposition, ie “jail time” are greatly reduced, whereas being charged with something like criminal sales of a controlled substance will have jail time associated with the drug charges.

Finding the right drug crimes lawyer when charged is critical to the outcome of your case. Every attorney has their own individual style. Some drug crimes lawyers have more courtroom experience than others and will press for trial in drug trafficking cases. When preparing for a trial, these drug crime lawyers will attempt to dig out and find those incidents of police misconduct, areas where evidence can be suppressed due to 4th Amendment violations so that by the time the case goes to trial there is little evidence to be used against you. Others prefer negotiating with the state or feds to find a compromise in the drug charges that will reduce the charges and/or sentence or even conclude your case with probation. This may or may not include cooperation with the state and government in future drug crimes cases. Finding an attorney who will work with you, not overrule you is critical.

Understanding your drug charges is always helpful as it allows you to understand the severity of your case and thus find the right attorney. New York has published it’s penal code online and can be found HERE.

As you will see when reviewing the laws associated with your drug charges there are mandatory minimums associated with each. This can be detrimental to finding a good disposition for your case. Currently in the Senate, Rand Paul and Patrick Leahy are working to have minimum mandatory sentencing laws for drug crimes repealed but until such time you will have to work within the confines of the current laws.

It goes without saying that finding the right attorney can make all the difference in the world of a drug crimes case’s outcome. Many people are left wondering whether or not to pay for a private attorney, drug crimes lawyer, or move forward with a public (Legal Aid) lawyer. Most Legal Aid lawyers are very good drug crime lawyers, but they are over-loaded and cannot always devote the type of time to your case that they would like. It is for this reason that they often receive a bad reputation. Private attorneys have fewer cases and more incentives to make things happen and make it happen quickly (especially if they are retained using a flat fee).

Whichever route you choose, understand what your options are and then find the appropriate attorney accordingly. Ask yourself what you wish to achieve. Is it to have your day in court, to be proven innocent? Or do you wish time outside of prison?

Whichever path you choose for yourself or a loved one, understand that you have options. Even if you have current counsel and are dissatisfied you may choose to replace him or her with another one that fits your goals and style better. It is up to you to decide what you want in your drug crimes lawyer.

Identity Theft Is A Creation Of Both The Laws Of Nature And Man

The need or the desire to steal another person’s identity was created by both the laws of nature and the laws of man. Identity theft has been with man from the beginning of time. Today, it’s the fastest growing crime in the global community It is the crime of taking and using as one’s own the identity of another person without their consent. It is an intentional deceptive behavior that is designed to deprive the rightful owner of the continuous and uninterrupted enjoyment of his or her identity.

The first recorded report of this theft was found in Genesis 25:27-34 and 27:19-36, and addresses an issue created by the birth of twins. This reporting presents a clear picture of the second-born son desires to have the birthrights and blessings of the first-born son, The report presents a step-by-step procedure taken by the mother and her second-born son, to convince the blind father that he was giving the first-born blessings to his first-born son. The cleverness of the father’s ability to use all of his sensing faculties to make-up for his inability to see was equally impressive. The premeditated steps taken by the mother and her second-born son to counter the father’s cleverness in order to steal the first-born blessings, is an indication of the level of cleverness and determination today’s identity thieves will use to claim the identity of others for their personal usage.

Identity thieves steal identities for different reasons. In all cases the information needed to steal the identity of others, includes but is not limited to, the name, address, phone number, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, medical records, bank account numbers, social security numbers, income information, or other personal information. Records at the drug store usually contains enough information to allow an identity thief to steal someone’s identity. According to the Non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center, identity theft can be subdivided into five categories:

  • Criminal identity theft which is posing as another person when apprehended for a crime.
  • Financial identity theft which is using another’s identity to obtain credit, goods, and/or services.
  • Identity cloning which is using another’s information to assume his or her identity in daily life.
  • Medical identity theft is using another’s identity to obtain medical care and/or drugs.
  • Child identity theft occurs when a minor’s social security number is used by another person for the imposter’s personal gain.

Once the personal identity has been stolen and put into use by a thief, it can takes months to stop the fraudulent use of the information, and it could take years to clean-up a good name and credit report. The good news is that there are ways to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft. One way is to engage the services of a big guard dog, mutilate or destroy all bank statements, credit cards with name address and accounts numbers on it before it becomes trash. Another way is to change passwords and never use the birthdate of a family member. Protecting yourself and your family from the horrors associated with identity theft that was created by the laws of both nature and man is an important job.

The Laws Related to Responsible Use of Pepper Spray in Southern California

Today, we have a lot of choices as to what we want to have with us for added protection. One of the defensive partners that we can choose is a pepper spray. It is a very small canister but contains just the certain amount for your protection from attackers. Because of the content of the spray which is hot pepper, it can cause inflammatory effects. Burning and pain in the eyes will be experienced that is why there is a tendency to close them immediately. Aside from that, it has respiratory effects where the target can have breathing difficulties, coughing and runny nose.

Because of its effects, the owner must be responsible enough to use it with full responsibility. If you have a pepper spray in hand you must make sure to take full consideration of your actions and must know when to use it. Although there is no special training or legal permits needed to own this kind of protection, there are still places in the world which do not allow the possession of this kind. However, in Southern California, the law allows the handling of a pepper spray but the owner must abide by the rules on how to use it. Aside from that, before you buy a canister you must know what you need to check in order to follow the set of rules.

First of all, the state of California has imposed penalties for those people who will exploit the use of pepper spray. Penalties are given to people who use the tear gas to someone just because of anger and when you use it just because the person looked suspicious. Other instances of exploitation are using it to joke around where someone will get hurt and the ownership of the spray by prohibited persons. Drug addicts, minors and those who are legally prohibited to the use of this thing must not possess it. Up to a thousand dollar fine and three years imprisonment are the penalties for the misuse of pepper spray. Aside from that, the person can even be convicted.

Moreover, in California it is part of the law that when you buy or own a pepper spray, you must check if there is caution that states “WARNING: The use of this substance or device for any purpose other than self-defense is a crime under the law. The contents are dangerous–use with care.” This label is very important because this explains the main purpose of having the spray which is to defend the self from any possible attackers. As an owner, you are liable to use it with caution because the contents can be harmful. Lastly, the allowable net weight of the pepper spray is 70 grams or 2.5 ounces maximum amount. More than that is against the law of Southern California.

These are the important points that you must put in your mind always if you decide to rely on the help of the pepper spray. You must be accountable of your choices, decisions and actions. This spray is for your safety and self defense and not for other harmful purposes.

Experienced Drug Crimes Lawyers Can Build A Solid Defense For Their Clients

Drug crimes include the illegal possession, transportation, manufacture and sale of drugs, and each offense can carry severe penalties. By enlisting the services of drug crimes lawyers who are highly experienced in defending such cases, those accused of such crimes can have their legal rights protected.

Drug-related crimes encompass a wide variety of offenses, and thousands of people are arrested for such crimes each year. In fact, the US Drug Enforcement Agency recorded over 30,000 domestic drug arrests in 2009. The prevalence of these crimes has resulted in increased pressure on law enforcement agencies to step up efforts in fighting such crimes.

Each crime, depending on the circumstances and the amount of drugs found, can carry harsh consequences. For instance, persons convicted of possession of illegal drugs can suffer imprisonment, fines, and registration as a drug offender, among other things. Transportation and distribution of drugs may carry more serious punishment depending on certain conditions like the types and amount of drugs being transported. Accused persons who are not US citizens also face deportation if convicted.

Whether or not individuals arrested and accused of drug-related crimes are actually guilty of them, those persons still retain certain legal rights, paramount of which is the right to legal counsel. Because of the severe legal consequences associated with these crimes, it is in the best interest of the accused to enlist the help of qualified drug crimes lawyers as early as possible. Not only can experienced criminal attorneys protect their clients’ rights, but they use their deep pool of resources to build a solid, aggressive defense.